Sunday, April 25, 2004

Back from drills! I skipped over white phase and went right to blue since I plan on not going to next weekends drill. I need to give SFC Sells a call to tell her so tomorrow. It wasn't too bad. We watched "We Were Soldiers" and analyzed parts of it in preperation of what 'we're getting into.' SGT Michela kept trying to tell us that he wasn't trying to freak us all out, but to remind us that we have to pay attention in BCT. *sigh* May is my last month, June is just around the corner!

We had a pre-PFT test so the people at drills could see where we were at. I passed it, but I need to work on running and sit ups.
Female requirements (to get into BCT)= 3 push ups, 17 sit ups, 10:30 at most 1 mile run.
Me!: 31 push ups, 17 sit ups, 8:00-20 1 mile run.

Blah, must improve! I started breathing wrong during the sit ups and completely screwed up. I lost my concentration too and as soon as that happens, my upper body is as heavy as a rock. Suck.

I'm so bored. I want to get out of the house but I have homework that needs to be done. I'd rather not go to school tomorrow, but I probably will.

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