Saturday, June 5, 2004

I dreamed of a romance novel sort of thing. It was really interesting. Twice. I woke up and then forced myself to go to sleep again and I dreamed up a new one. The second one didn't really have a conclusion, but it had ghosts in it and some sort of witchcraft in it. The first one was about someone in a school getting stuff to leave and some tall, dark, handsome guy whisks her away. 

Nevermind that that is actually kidnapping.

I have two graduation parties I was invited to. I think I'm only going to go to one and then just avoid going home. Seeing as dad is off work and I'm still uber pissed at him, I don't feel the need to be around him at all.

Of course, this has to happen two days before my graduation. Great. Peachy.

On a final note: Aurora Sullivan, Usiku, and Fox Crane join the rank of Gheybies in the HP RP world. I had the unfortunate luck of getting linked to one of their threads from a friend of mine from LJ. I do not know how she can stand RPing with them.

Review of Prisoner Azkaban click the link

I wasn’t too excited to see it in the first place. I loved the trailers, they were brilliant, but whenever I thought about going to see the movie the excitement didn’t seem to really get any higher. I did tote along my Slytherin scarf over to Shauna’s where I teased her that I would dress up to see the movie the next night, though.

We got to the theater an hour early and there was maybe about half a dozen people there. They didn’t notice the area they roped off to wait in line for Harry Potter since they were sprawled all over the place. Shauna and I got behind the line and sort of gave them “are you people idiots?” looks and they finally got the hint and got in line behind us. One of the workers at the theater opened it however, so we didn’t have to deal with the waiting in line and keeping our ‘Grr’ faces on to potential cutters. We dash down the aisle and hop right in our seats where there are bars to put your feet up. Shauna had four other friends coming so we saved them seats.

One hour later, the movie started. Immediately, the movie was allll wrong. The acting was bad in the beginning and progressively got worse by the young children. Sirius Black growled at Harry rather than watched him before he summoned the Knight Bus. WTF? Lupin is fat, old, and greasy looking. Eww. It’s the actor from Dragonheart! Yuck, yuck, yuck. The dementors were cool, but they got no real justice like they did in the books. I wasn’t feeling any “Ew, get away,” like I did when I read the book. Harry’s memory was just a high pitch scream that sounded like a tea kettle going off on a stove.

The script writer apparently took it upon himself to write new scenes. Alfonzo thought it was cool to let the kids dress up in Muggle clothes. It only made the place look like a private muggle school rather than a private Wizard school. Hermione was irritating, Ron was disappointing, and Harry just blew.

Draco- while I know he’s been warped by fanon- wasn’t at all like what he was in the books. He did not whimper and whine at the first sign of danger like they made him- but he was quick to retreat and often left them with a dirty look or a snide remark. Lame.

Dumbledore was horrible.

Sirius was not Sirius. The worst part of the movie was in the Shrieking Shack- and surprise, surprise- it’s the most important part in the book. They managed to cut it down to around 7 minutes or so. Horrible. They did not manage to capture the emotion of the scene or explain much at all. If you hadn’t read the books, you would have been completely lost by now. They could have cut out about half of that movie and put in plenty of scenes that would have explained the plot better and just made the movie an overall better movie. There is a scene where Harry rides Buckbeak that is about 10 minutes long that I was bored of within two minutes of it.

I was falling asleep near the end of the movie. The scriptwriter did a horrible job as well as the director. He favored slow zoom ins to actors faces that just made me shrink back in my seat. They didn’t capture the heart of the book at all. 

Shauna and I were laughing throughout the whole movie since we couldn’t stop making fun of the actors and the inconsistencies.

It makes me want to be a director so I can re-shoot all the movies and do them RIGHT. In a perfect world only, I guess.

Oh, and my mini Butterfinger’s were really hard. Icky. :p

I suppose I should go get ready to leave. Poo.

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