Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Kudos to my sister Shauna ([info]on_silverwings) for making my new LJ layout.

Got my cap, gown, and tassel today and stopped to talk to Mr. H about my letter of recommendation. We talked about those police officers who got shot this weekend and pretty much said goodbye again.

I went out to lunch with Shauna and Lee at Panera bread. Good food, I'm still full but could go for a snack. Shauna and I went and saw "Man on Fire" which was really boring the first hour but kicked butt during the last piece of the movie. We went to Borders were I intended to buy the next two books from two of my novel series, but instead I bought the second manga to Hana-Kimi and the first manga of Ceres Celestial Legend. Oopsies.

So I'm organizing my paper work for this coming up summer. It sucks pulling all these documents together for BT. Urgh. I just want to get it done. So little time left!

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