Friday, June 4, 2004

We get back from the Harry Potter movie and my grandma tells us that my brother called. So Shauna calls him back and he ends up bitching about me taking the PS2 & 1 memory card over. Shauna basically tells him that it’s not just his memory card and I’ll be back soon anyway so he should just wait. He asks to talk to me so I get on the phone and tell him the same thing.

“I would appreciate it next time if you asked permission to take my memory card.”
Erm, no, I said, it’s not his memory card it’s the families. I do not need to be running around asking him about taking the memory card which the answer would be “no” anyways. He didn’t miss it yesterday since I’m sure he was playing the computer or watching the television all day. His excuse?
“I just rented the game and I can’t play it because the memory card isn’t here,”
Well, you’ll just have to wait for me to come home!
“Give me a time,”
I don’t know when I’ll be home.
“I need a specific time. Clarify it for me.”
I don’t know when, Craig. I’ll be home tonight in a couple of hours or so.

Oh no, he can’t wait a couple of hours. He has to have it NOW because he wants to play it right NOW. So in the middle of me responding to him my dad takes the phone away from him and says he’s going “intervene” on this conversation.

His entire reasoning was “why did you take the memory card out of home?” Never the mind the fact that he was reinforcing my brothers spoiled behavior or the fact that- Hey! It’s not just his memory card! He has to share and won’t always be able to use it when he wants! He was angry when I got upset about it and “raised my voice” at him. I really believe whatever I said went through one ear and out the other. He didn’t seem to think my explanation of “I took the memory card so I could play my games over here.” Was good enough. I don’t think he even understood what a memory card was. In fact, he didn’t, seeing as I had to explain to him WHY I had to take again in more detail. “I can’t play my games over here on Shauna’s memory card since my games aren’t on her memory card. I need ours to play my games.”

So basically, I’m in the wrong for taking the memory card out of the house since Craig couldn’t use it when he wanted to, even though he only had to wait maybe two or so hours for me to come home, EVEN THOUGH he would probably play the game and beat it or get bored of it in the next 5-10 of his waking hours and then go back to playing the computer or watching TV.
No, telling him to go read a book or do something other than play a game and wait for his sister to come back with the FAMILY memory card wasn’t a reasonable choice. Calling her up, arguing with her, and scolding her was a much better choice. Great idea. Reduce me to tears, thanks.

Dad’s solution:
“New rule: You can’t bring the memory card out of the house anymore, okay?”
Me: “Mm.”
Dad: “Not that it’ll matter very soon anyway.”
Me: “No, it won’t.”

Yeah, not long with having to deal with a missing memory card- which only happens every two-three months or so. Huh. Oh yeah, that’s right, very soon = 1 week and 1 day. Oh! Hah! He was talking about me leaving for 16 weeks. Great.

And here I was worried about leaving. Glad to find out I’m not the only one.

Prisoner of Azkaban movie sucked worse than the first one. It was like pulling out my fingernails with pliers.

To sum it up, this day has basically fucking sucked.

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