Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well since everyone is always – CONSTANTLY – asking me about what it is going on with wedding planning and the like and I always have to judge my answer carefully before opening my mouth… I figured I’d get it all on the table. Or the net. Something like that.

Probably wondering why I would have to be worried about that well you find out a lot things about your friends and family (and soon to be family) when you get engaged. You’re usually not doing things fast enough – or right – or have forgotten something that you never really considered a big deal anyway, but to them it is. Can I list examples for each of these? Probably, but I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining. I appreciate the help and the kick in the butt I get from everyone involved – it keeps me on track and going.

A few things about me you may want to know. I love answering questions and being a slight know-it-all. I can’t help it, I think it’s the Fisher side of the family; I get it from my dad. And my mother. I was doomed from the start. Though I also like my information to be as accurate as humanly (Google search) possible, because I do not like to spread false information around. So I spend a great deal of my time researching things in my internet time. So now you know when you see me on my laptop I’m either – A) Being a know it all on column websites, B) Researching a topic someone asked about on some website, C) Researching something that I came across during my browsing. Really boring I know. I Facebook too but for all those friends I have on there… no one really talks to me and I don’t like telling people what I’m doing every second of the day – sort of defeats the purpose. Facebook killed my AIM list.

Another thing you might not know about me friends or family who are reading this is I dearly enjoy sarcastic humor and fancied myself a romantic novelist. That career was predicted when I would just live with Westie dogs and cats alone in my cottage by a lake somewhere – clearly that has not worked out. An appropriate term for me would be ‘facetious’ – but I’m working on that!

So now that introduction to this so called blog is done I’ll get on to the stuff that you all really care about for coming on here anyway. Wedding planning – in which I will cover the experiences of my own wedding planning and the fun things I learn along the way. Maybe some of the information will be useless to you (I’m looking at you married folks! Been there done that) but perhaps it will entertain you to see what has changed from then to now. Or you can make your daughters read it and readjust that idea of what wedding planning is REALLY about. Not all lace and tulle, darling!

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