Thursday, March 4, 2010

To cake? Or not to cake? Whether tis nobler to follow tradition....

So I realized something relatively early into planning the wedding. I do not like cake.

It seems almost blasphemic to utter that during a conversation about receptions but as I’ve been browsing options of bakeries and designs – I found myself virtually inable to be pleased by anything. Not a single thing looked appealing or appetizing to me and the thought of having to taste test made my stomach churn.

In the end, it’s not that much of a surprise to me. In the last five years, I have no problems declining an offered piece of cake at any sort of celebratory gathering. Luckily, weddings these days are offering more variety for their guests as an option of dessert. The last two I’ve attended had other delicacies for me to enjoy – fruit and little chocolates. I was satisfied and not at all unhappy without having ‘my piece’ of the cake.

Wedding cakes are beautiful. Indeed gorgeous and I have marveled at them in the wedding websites, magazines, and storefronts of meandered past. Do I want to shell out the money for them? Definitely not! Especially if I’m not even willing to take a bite out of something I paid so much for!

Most of the local bakeries lack any sort of price list. Which I understand the reason – everyone is different. But even a ballpark estimate would aid someone trying to budget out their wedding dessert and spare me from the verbal sparring over the phone about getting me in their door. I find a lot of establishments are doing that lately – hiding the prices of their items… as if that makes me feel any more comforted as I try to weigh my options with my pocketbook!

And honestly if I have to pay almost $900 for a cake – it better be the best damn cake in the whole wide world. And one slice… even two would probably leave me fuming as I picked at it with my fork. Also I would have to chase down any children who left some on their plate and shove it down their throats shouting, “That slice cost me $3.25 you toad spawn!” I don’t imagine that would go over well with the parents.

So that is most likely why the sheet cake will be what the guest will get to nibble on, unless I can find a place that does cupcakes for the same price. Fritz and I will be enjoying a nice, fat New York style cheesecake with strawberry topping.

Things may work out to where we can get mini-cheesecakes for the guests. Definitely considering it and then a nice big fat one for us to cut! There is a local bakery I have in mind that I might use, if the chain stores (Meijer, Walmart) don’t turn out to have better deals.

Example of mini cheesecakes below from website of the store mentioned:

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