Friday, June 18, 2010

The Things Customers say

I like being a barista. It's a good job. But at some points I can really hate it!

Not because of my coworkers (surprisingly) but because of the customers that come up and treat you like a robot because you're behind the register! Are all customers terrible? No! But a large majority are. Luckily, I don't have it nearly as bad as some other barista's like the ones who work at popular chain stores, however, I've met my fair share. Here's a fun list I've compiled taken from my own personal experiences and from many other barista's around the world!

The List of 41 Barista Woes

1) When a customer walks in and simply says, “Mocha,” and then stares at you blankly for 20 seconds because you’re patiently waiting for them to state the size of the drink they want to pay for. You will at some point have to prompt them to state which size of drink they want because most customers believe barista’s are mind readers.

2) When the managers or owners of the store make empty promises to their workers. 

3) When a customer who may be a regular, get’s pissy when you ask what they would like to order that day. Despite the fact it’s usually done out of courtesy or habit as a greeting to the customer – to some of those Hoity Toity coffee drinkers, it’s a serious offense you don’t automatically toss their drink at them without saying a word. Word of advice – be a NICE regular if you want to be treated with extra consideration and, sometimes, favoritism.

4) When people stand in line for 10 minutes during a rush and get “counter amnesia.” Meaning, they realize they get up to the counter and they don’t know what they want. Then take another 5 minutes debating whether to get a medium or large, and THEN take 10 more minutes to dig around their purse for exact change!

5) When customers get upset over having to pay for extra shots of espresso or flavor.

6) When customers are “backseat” baristas. Examples: “Is that non fat?” “Is that decaf?” “Are you *sure* it’s soy in that latte?”

7) When people come to the register without their money ready or even worse, they left their wallet in their car and have to go back and get it – meanwhile holding up your line while people give you dirty looks.

8) When people leave giant messes on the tables or spread their crumbs for a ten foot radius around their table. Cups, bags, straw wrappers, napkins on chairs and floors… Most of the customers are grown up adults who should know better! Clean up after yourselves!

 9) When customers ask you to do something that is ‘against the rules’ but they say “So and so did it for me once…” or “At this other shop they do it for me….”

 10) When they rush me because they are late, even though it was their decision to make a stop in the first place.

 11) When people throw money on the counter and expect you to hand them their change back into their own hands.

 12) Customers that get a few pennies back as change act like it’s a big favor that they bothered to throw it into your tip jar.

13)  When people mumble their orders and when you ask them to repeat that louder, they mumble again.

14) When people complain about the price of things. If you want to pay $1.00 for a cup of coffee, go to McDonald’s and don’t complain about the lack of quality.

15) When a customer spills something but doesn’t bother to tell someone.

16) When managers don’t actually work, but just sit in the back and do nothing.

17) Customers fight over being charged for a Breve.

18) Customers want to break large bills when they purchase something for only $1.50.

19) When people give you moist bills. That is disgusting – I don’t want your sweat soaked bills pressed into my hand!

20) When people forget to tell you they wanted their drink iced.

21) When there is only one customer waiting for a drink and you call it out, yet they still walk up and ask, “Is this mine?” Who else would it be for? Your imaginary friend??

22When anyone approaches the register while on the phone – or orders and then get’s on their phone. Like their conversation can’t wait 5 minutes to pay for you drink, get it, and walk away.

 23) When customers lean on the bar and stare at you while you’re making their drinks.

24) Customers ask you to put in sugar/splenda/sweet and low for them in their latte… the condiment bar is RIGHT THERE, get it yourself. (especially when there is a line)

 25) You can’t understand a word of what the customers are saying and they just point at everything they want, thinking you can see what they are pointing at and understand what they are saying.

26) When you’re are consistently out of certain bills or coin change and management does nothing to stop the pattern.

27) When customers see signs saying “Small Bills Only” and still hand you a $50 or $20 then act surprised when they get a bunch of $1 bills back.

28) People spill sugar and/or milk all over the condiment bar. Seriously, is it that complicated to pour milk or dump a packet of sugar in a wide cup?

29) When there’s a canister clearly labeled in large letters CREAM and the customer points to it and asks, “Is this cream?”

30) When you ask how a customer is doing or greet them and they ignore you and proceed to place their order as if I’m some sort of android machine.

31) That people assume being a barista is just about “making drinks” and somehow it is easy.

32) When you inform someone you are out of something, and they glare at you like you took it all in the back and ate it when you saw them coming. “Yes, that’s right. I saw you coming, and I took the 12 bottles of white mocha in the back room and drank them.” Either that or you’re hiding them.

33) Poorly planned schedules and people who don’t return the favor when you cover their shift from some stupid reason or another.

34) Finding out shifts you covered were so that the other employee could go to a party or sports game.

35) When you hand a customer a drink and they take the wrapper off the straw and walk away. What the heck? There’s a trash can like 2 feet away! I’m not your personal maid!

36) Don’t order a cappaccinno and ask for it dry – only to waste the next 5 minutes of my life adding more and more milk to the point where you have a latte with a ton of foam spilling over the top of the cup. Just order a latte with foam on top you cheap, greedy bastards.

37) When other barista’s are not consistent in their ringing policies, so some guest get freebies or free upgrades from one barista and have a fit when another barista charges them properly!

38) When someone asks if a regular coffee or latte has caffeine in it.

39) “What’s the difference between vanilla and sugar free vanilla?”

40) When people get upset when I won’t give them change when they do not purchase anything from the store.

41) When customers demand you sample a pastry for them so they can eat most of the samples.

But in the end, I guess you gotta realize that customers are just numbers at the end of the day and are people with money to spend that your business wants!

Besides anything beats this

Note: Some of these items were written out by me but many were taken or revised from the forum from fellow barista's who hate their job and the uncaring customers that they experience there. Hang in there guys!

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