Saturday, October 25, 2003

Happy Belated Birthday Shauna!

We went out for my eldest sisters 25th birthday today just my other sister Sarah, her boyfriend Rob, and myself. Originally there were nearly 10 people that were supposed to go on the list two weeks ago, but it steadily got smaller. By the end of the first week it was cut down about ¾’s and then by the end of the second week over a half. So I just told everyone else it was a family thing and it worked out rather nicely.

Shauna and I ended up going our separate ways since we were clothes shopping while Sarah and Robby went to the sports stores. Shauna was looking for a Halloween costume and I had suggested Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the way up to the mall. So we found nice coat and a shirt in two separate stores out of nearly ten. I grabbed a grungy leather coat that goes down to my ankles its kind of nifty. Shauna is going to be Buffy at her work and I’m going to dress up as a vampire and visit her after school. It’ll be interesting if I try and scare the kids. I wonder if they’d kick me out even though they know me.

Rainforest CafĂ© had a two-hour waiting list so we ended up going to a place called Montana’s Grill or something like that. It was very nice and not that expensive. They played country music, which was neat since it didn’t strike me as a place to play that sort of genre. We got to draw on the table since they put this paper over the top of it where the first thing the waitress does is put her name on it. At the end of the meal I had pulled one of my pens I carry with me out and Robby decided to steal it. He gave it to the waitress who actually kept it.

He got his punishment in the end though. Sarah had left the sun roof open in her car just a crack and when she closed it a bunch of icy cold rain water went down the back of his coat. Then more fell while we were driving. Shauna was the other unfortunate to get some spilled on her lap. I couldn’t breathe or see I was laughing so hard. It was a wonderful night.

And now I’m behind on many RP’s I’m expected at.


Maybe I’ll have graphics out soon, but anyways, that was my night.

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