Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Yesterday was crazy so I didn’t get any time to update my journal. The day was extremely mundane until near the end, around fifth hour. Allie happened to mentioned she had a naughty Gackt video I must see where he slaps around his manbiotches and Erica tells me I can get my FFIX book back. The deal was I had to take them home. No biggie, I’m the soccer mom. Well, I have been since this year I’m used to toting around all my little brats :) 

We went to Erica’s first and spent nearly 15 minutes turning her house upside down in search of the book. We never found it but it was fun nonetheless to drool at the scrolls on her wall and go through her video collection. We played with her cat, Tiger, too. Allie felt it was necessary to check out his unsnipped balls. 

We went to Allie’s house next where I watched a gyrating, hip thrusting, pretty Japanese boy totally ownerize his manbiotches on guitars. I believe I remember hopping around and squealing. We ended up staying there for about an hour to an hour and half watching fan-made videos with other random animes. And some weirdass one Allie insisted I watch.
You’ll regret that, madame. That will be a word I will use forever now.

Anyway, I got home and napped on the couch before Shauna dragged me off to Novi mall. We just sort of walked around and shopped for a while and of course I got bored and of course I had to start embarrassing her. I was making up characters! I’m sorry if they have weird traits!

Anyway. Have to get to school. See most of you there and if not, have a good day!

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