Sunday, November 23, 2003


Okay, so we buy FFX-2 like Wednesday or so right? That’s cool, my sister starts the first game and then my brother. We have this thing to see who can beat the game first but do everything that is needed. Normally we don’t buy the strategy guides but we took one look at the guide and the size of the sucker said that we needed it. And thank goodness we have it, it would be very confusing and I would have missed a LOT of good FMVs had we not bought it.

Anyway, there are five chapters to the story and I got to the beginning of the third one. I knew my sister had just gotten into the beginning of the third one this morning before we went to church so I was like “Sweet, I’m catching up!” The guide is usually set up so its told in the order that you need to go and it was late, I had been playing the game for a while, I didn’t scan ahead.
So I did what was on the first page to do.

I beat the third chapter after I finished and I sat there forever thinking, wow that was a short chapter. Chapter 3 is supposed to be the big turnpoint of the plot, why was it so short?

So I go on, now in Chapter 4 still wondering when it hits me.

I skipped over a HUGE chunk of the third chapter.

I completely skipped it!

So now I just beat chapter 4 and am now in Chapter 5. I’m almost to the end of the game and I’m level 31. My sister is in 3 at level 35.
But I’d like to say I’ve handled all the monsters rather well. Booyah.

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