Sunday, November 16, 2003

Weekend Update!

Saturday I woke up relatively early and made my entire family blueberry pancakes. My entire family was home, both of my sisters, my brother, and mom and dad. Including myself that was a lot of pancakes. And they were really good. I kind of miss them.

We went to a movie shortly after too, the Master and Commander one. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great either. It was…okay. There were things that I could appreciate but it won’t be something I’ll be recommending people to go see. Our Gladiator hero is getting a tad bit chubby I’ve noticed o_O

I left to go meet Erik, Fritz, and Amiee at Chili’s around 4:30. I was there at 4:55. Just me. Luckily it wasn’t crowded or anything and I was going to get a table but I wasn’t sure if anyone was bringing along a friend (which happens often) so I waited around for about five minutes and Amiee and Fritz show up together. Erik was five or ten minutes late. He also managed to order the most expensive meal out of us all since he just looked at the menu and ordered what he read.
I was supposed to follow him all the way to the school but as we all know, Erik sucks at driving. Of course he lost me because he drives like an arsehole. But I managed my way there fine.

The play (Noises Off) is not that bad! If you go see it, tell them Stacey sent you so I get some points :) It is funny and it all makes sense. Which is an accomplishment for Act II yeah?

Katie (Mike’s little sister) invited us to the cast party afterwards. We showed up before those two even arrived and immediately Erik and I started playing their PS2 and Gamecube. We relinquished it when it got crowded so everyone could watch Finding Nemo. It was okay, I knew people there but they’re all so cliquey it was like being a super dork trying to hang out with the jocks. Bad cliché I know, but I’m lacking in creativity here.

Well, I knew the right people so no one said nothing. Some guy I saw at Homecoming when I went with Trey noticed me and asked about me. They really suck about talking about people right in front of them. They lowered their voices but I could still hear, but I managed to hold a conversation with a group of people so it didn’t look like it. Hah. I feel so crafty. Yeah, anyway. All I heard was something like “Weren’t you suppose to ask her out?” and “Yeah, I was…” and it got to quiet. Darn. I wanted to hear his excuse/lie about how he wasn’t interested, REALLY, and don’t mention at all my rather harsh snubbing of his egotistical self.

I have bad taste in men.

I left around 12am and on the way home I discovered two country stations become one late at night. They play the exact same thing in perfect synch. Isn’t that crazy?

And today ah…went to church. That’s about it. It’s still the afternoon though!

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