Thursday, December 11, 2003

This Friday I have a pizza party at Shane's house (my Youth Pastor) at 6:30pm. One and all is invited so let me know if you're interested. Also next Tuesday will be my Youth Groups Christmas Party. Lots of food and lots of fun, I'm hoping more people will come with me. I asked Mike and Katie Evitts to come as well as Fritz. Erik said he'd think about it, but I don't think he'll go :( that makes me sad. But if any of my friends who are not too busy who would like to come it'd really make my day. 6:30-8:30. Par-tay.

Otherwise, this week has been chalk full of character building events. Unwavering Fate was changed to Unwavering FAITH uhhh everything about the story has changed except for the demons and our dear drow. I got in several minor arguments. I was called a pig by Ben and then he started beating me with his folder and books on Wed or Tues and has yet to stop doing so... Hrm. Yeah. And we're planning Fritz's Christmas Party.

ANYONE I KNOW ON HERE LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THE CHRISTMAS PARTY. Its on December 22-23. That's right, two days. It starts at 6 (lots of things are starting at six, yeesh) and goes on all night and into the morning. You can leave when you like, but I think we're going to let the cut off of any teens driving around 12-1am. We don't want anyone getting in trouble. If you have to sleep, there is a room provided for the ladies and a room separate from them for the boys. Lots of video games, movies, hot tubs, pool tables, secret santa's galore! Come one, come all!

If you have my number then call me about it. Otherwise leave a reply ^-^

And for those who got an invitation you BETTER BE THERE! You'll make Christmas poopy if you don't come. *sad puppy eyes*

OH, must change schedule so I can stay the night at Kelley's next week. Wah!

So I guess thats it. I haven't had much time to CG. Blargh, and our progress reports are coming in and one class I know I got a low grade in and another as well, but that's the teachers fault and she can EAT IT. I may not have internet access for a loooong while.

I think I can have them both up before break, though... ^_^

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