Thursday, January 1, 2004

Party like its nine-teen nint-- two thousand four

I hope everyone had a great New Years! Even if you were babysitting or hanging out in a store I bet there was a little bit of fun in it somewhere. If not, you’re being negative- STOP ;)

This New Years, Shauna came home from work early while I was playing that darn RoTK game. She went and took a nap and then came back and played the co-op with me. We played that ALL NIGHT. Well, we took a break just before the last game to play Monopoly with my brother and dad. Football monopoly. It was real funny since my brother and dad (who play it ALL the time) were going easy on us. While negotiating we made up Free Pass, which got everyone except for me in trouble. Unfortunately, I was poor throughout the entire game even though I had gotten the first monopoly. And I had an entire row and no one every landed on my pieces. It sucked, so we kind of ended it when Shauna and Dad were owning the board.

Then we beat RotK played a few more games on it, then went to bed at like 2:30-3am. I slept on my small couch and boy was I uncomfortable all night. Yeesh. And I’m up at 9. Yeah, the couch is that bad. So, Happy New Year. Yay for 2004! 

6 months until graduation and Basic Training! O_o

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