Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Jackie came over Monday and left today. We had a lot of fun these past few days. When she first came over we exchanged gifts. She got me Good Charlottes first CD and a poster of them and Orlando Bloom. We played LotR: Return of the King video game for a long time then went to Best Buy. She bought three CDs, a DVD, and a video game for about a $100. I just got the LotR: TTT video game for about $29. Then we went home and watched Xmen2. 

Yesterday I had to go get a shot, then we went and ate at Wendy’s, then went and saw LotR: Return of the King. Then we went home, watched Not Another Teen Movie, then beat the RotK game. Roxor on. She left about three minutes ago and all we did today was wake up ;) 

So that’s what I did (and where I’ve been) these past few days.

What’s everyone doing for New Years Eve? Party? Woot ^-^

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