Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Duck soup!" "Duck what?"

I spent most of my evening last night playing FFX-2. I have three games total. The first game I played I completely skipped over the 3rd and 4th chapters since I did all the hotspots that were required to move on to the next chapter. The second one is one that is supposed to be my 100% but I don’t know how well that’ll go over. I have a 3rd one which I’m definitely going to make sure is a 100% but right now I’m playing my 2nd. There is definitely undertones of lesbianism during that game and I KNOW its not for us female gamers. That’s okay though it makes me laugh.

And this Gippal/Rikkue thing (oh, pardon me Gippel) ruins my little Auron/Rikku ship! Well, not really. I have plenty of ways to work around it. It just throws a wrench or two into the workings of my Auron fics that I’m working on.

Auron is associated with Gippal as seen in Gippal’s Sphere. I always assumed Auron knew the Al Bhed, Auron seemed very comfortable around them. Which rocks cause that’s what I incorporated into my story. Woot.

Sadly, the FFX-2 ficlets on FF.Net aren’t that great currently. Gippal/Rikku ship has just hit monumental numbers of crewmembers. Now, why does everyone think Paine and Baralai would hook up? When I play the game I see no hinting of that pairing at all. I see more Nooj/Paine than Baralai/Paine. 

Actually, I don’t think Paine would do much at all. It’s a funny thing how most FF writers think that if you’re going to do a story that involves people getting together that the rest of the characters all need a man (or woman in some cases). Single people do exist! Hooah for us!

So, yes, that damned plot bunny has now set up residence in my head. It’s got a damned burrow and already has a couple of kittens. Bastards.

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