Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I understand j00 ?

I made an account on Fanart Central to go with my deviantart account. Same name, I just uploaded two pictures from my deviant gallery. I have plenty of sketches and drawings that I need to upload and put on both. I accidentally ran into your account, Megan, while looking for Black Mage things. Heeh. I like my childish drawings I do in crayon. I think I should do that again cause they’re so bad, they have to be good.

Mission Time! 
Complete Book Project and two Book Journals before Thursday. Percentage complete: .5%
Pick out my cake for my fake wedding, price it, and type up the page by Friday morning. Percentage complete: 0%
Get Psychology notebook organized and finished by Thursday. Percentage complete: 50%
Finish painting of crying but I’m Gunna Kick Yer Ass, What? Kamui before the end of the week. Percentage Complete: 25%
Do drawing of instrument to turn in for points in Art before end of the week. Percentage done: 0%
Clean my room which was mysteriously hit by a hurricane sometime this weekend to this point without my knowledge. Percentage done: 0%

Yeah, I’m slacking real badly all the sudden. I just remembered I had a project due on top of my cake project. So that really sucks. I have no inspiration at all to do any homework. I bet I will tomorrow, though. Wednesday is sort of the doomsday of the week. The sounding of that gong that says, You Are Going to Get Effed Over If You Don’t Put Your Ass In Gear NOW sort of sound. That reverberates down to your soul and makes you just want to curl up into a little ball and whimper to yourself.

Crap, I’m starting to motivate myself. It’s bedtime too. Typical.

I DID totally steal Mission Time from FFX-2. Don’t sue me, I need to spend my money in New York to help our economic system you bastard lawyers you.

New Episode in: I’m Going to Kill my Peers: Newstaff Episode IV Click the link BELOW

Episode IV because I think they’ve done three other things to piss me off that I can recall.

Today we had a rather normal day. Mr. H was absent today- not surprising- he was saying how he wasn’t feeling well to me the other day. So we have a sub and we’re all relatively mellow. Okay, I was relatively mellow. My 3rd hour all you do is read the entire 50-something minutes and then you’re shoved back into the stampede of people. I’m a bit spacey after 3rd hour cause I’m ruthlessly ripped from my little world of the book I’m reading. *sniffles* I’m getting off track though, focus!

Anyway, Lauren comes in and sits down. She’s zipping up one of those black hoodie things that only girls can get away with wearing and I caught sight of the world “liberal” on her shirt before she did. She sort of flashed me what it said (and yes, it was on her chest sicko :p j/k I lurve you)
Liberal n: people who are so open minded their brains fall out of their skull.

Okay, don’t quote me directly on that, but it was pretty close. So she thought she covered her arse with covering that up you know? She didn’t wear it to piss of the Newstaff folk, she took the trouble to hide it to PREVENT the reaction we got.

More bee-hatching. Yep. In the back room. 

And I believe Lauren got Mrs. McDole involved so now they’re all getting their asses chewed out. 

That day we were assigned of working on Mr. PHS. It’s the guy beauty pageant that we’re trying to promote and get set up before Spring Break (it’s after spring break, but everything needs to be done by then). So we go and set up a table for people to sign up on and we stop quite a few guys and convince them to sign. Heather’s boyfriend did, for example, and several other guys we were associated with.

Near the end of the hour we bring it back to the classroom and Heather leaves the room for some reason. Out barges Allie Lyttle and Kim Shultz kinda red in the face and looking as if they were ready to take out their childhood trauma’s on someone. It was sort of unexpected. I turn my back and I turn back WHAM there they are. 

They look at the list and Allie is all like: “Oh, no! Nu uh, he aien’t.” (again, don’t directly quote me) and crosses off Alex Trefney’s name before storming off in a flurry of her stupid ass clothes.

Note: Newstaff has received a total of two letters of complaint as of today. Both complained that their articles that discussed political topics seemed biased toward the Republicans. Alex’s older brother was one of these people who sent the letter. So I think this is what fueled her dramatic name crossing off.

Kim then looks over the list and looks up at us.

Kim: “Not to be a bitch or anything but these guys can’t do this. They have to be popular to draw the kids in so, I’m not trying to be mean or anything but you have to have the assholes sign up.”

She was also very red in the face while saying this and she did not at all sound sincere. She sounded very bitchy and short tempered. I sort of feel sorry now for the guys who will have to deal with these girls later on in their lives. 

Lauren was trying to sort of ask WTF is with that idea but Kim just walks away into the back. Then our mild-mannered Lauren blows up and rolls the list into a ball and tosses it in the trash JUST as Heather walks in who shrieks “What are you doing!” and salvages the piece of paper.

Upon explanation, Heather took on the classic look found in cartoons when one gets and anvil dropped on their big toe.

I’m sort of calmly fuming. I was debating going in there and saying something or not, but I managed to just stand there and talk relatively calmly to Lauren and Heather. I did let them know I was upset, just so they didn’t think I didn’t care. I only get openly angry when I’m in private with those I trust- or with the person I’m upset with and I’m prepared to beat their ass with a sharp, pointy object.

Then Kim appears, still as red as a tomato- maybe she went tanning and fell asleep? Who knows?

Kim: “Don’t worry about it we’re going to do it.”

And then she turns back into the room and says something along the lines of “They can’t handle it.”


Serious bloodshed tomorrow, I predict. This all happened in the last few minutes of class. But I continued to talk in a normal tone that they would not get away with the way they were treating us. And before I walked out of the room I declared loudly to half of the Creative Writing students taking their seats that Newstaff people were assholes and don’t bother joining the class cause you’ll just be picked on anyway. 

My spiteful part of me hopes they heard me say that.

Erik also apologized today. He did it in a manner that I felt he was most comfortable with. In the room with the people he mainly pissed off and he did a mass apology with one or two “I’m sorry’s” directed to anyone who was willing to listen to him. 

Erik: “I talked to my mom yesterday about some stuff. She’s a real good debater. She said I’m an asshole. So I’m sorry. Sorry. I was hoping you guys would forgive me, you know, since you always talk about that.”

I didn’t look at him once. I don’t believe he’s sorry. I don’t believe he even knows what he’s saying sorry for. I think he’s just sick of being ignored and wants everything to go back to normal. And what the hell? Who ever said I was forgiving?

I talked to him about your hair, too, Allie. He thought it was funny and I managed to give him a very disgusted and non-amused expression/tone-of-voice, which I think spurred his apology thing. Sucks to be under my heel, I guess.

He’s making a voodoo doll. That’s what he told me anyway. And he kept the hair, he wouldn’t tell me where cause he knew I’d go and get it.

So I think I’m going to go draw angry comics until I pass out. Night.

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