Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wah, I wanna take a nap but if I do I know I won’t get up until like 4 hours later. I just have to stay awake until I can get on my momma’s computer since I need the printer, scanner, and adobe there. *Sigh* I want to do some artsy stuff. I need to make reminders for Friday and start looking into some hotels for the Prom.

Oh, yes. The Prom.

I’m still debating over a theme. If you have an idea please suggest it. Now, what may happen is the Prom will be an overnight thing (always was going to be). It will start out at my house maybe in the morning so we can all meet up and hang out for a while. Fritz may want to make an appearance and hang out for a bit. We’re looking into hotels and if what Allie says is true, we may go out to Novi for a hotel. Pool, cable, and hopefully the tv will be able to allow us to plug in a playstation or something so we can watch dvds.

Sound good? I’ll be working on invitations. How long does it take to get a letter to your house, Mich, do you know? *ponders* oh well, I’m hoping to get them out by the end of the month since it will be in May, not April.

I feel dirty, I had a hamburger at lunch and its making me feel icky. I need a shower or something. Damnit, everything takes too long. I need to schedule out everything from brushing my teeth to eating!

Anyway, I’m going to continue to attempt to stay awake by looking at fanart and fan fiction. Our Kingdom Hearts characters are damn sex-ay!

On to Newstaff Episode V!!

Mr. Hollobaugh called me over to his desk before 4th hour started and asked me to explain what happened yesterday. So I basically told him what I posted in my journal yesterday and then gave him a short report of how our sixth hour tenth graders were acting. After that, everything sort of went downhill.

To make a long story short, Amber mentioned how she was sick of this going on. Then we sort of went onto the subject of why it was happening. Amber suggested to Lauren that she just stop wearing shirts and fighting with them, which of course upset Lauren.

Lauren is a big victim of what has happened, I’m not convinced that anyone in the backroom has become a victim of anything but their own viciousness. Maggie came out and started to yell at Lauren about everything being about her. How she never said that what she does is against her and then had to add that she was two weeks late of turning in a paper that she actually had turned two weeks early. The same paper they lost.

Lauren pointed out that she wasn’t the first person to be late with a paper, HAD she been late with the paper in the first place. So Maggie storms off in a huff and I say that I think there are a lot of mixed messages going on here. (Hollobuagh has joined us at this point, quietly observing) From what I’ve been told, Maggie is not acting the way at all she is. And besides, if taking away the Mr. PHS stuff wasn’t meant to be an attack- though her reasoning was she wanted it to be done right… when we’d hardly even started- and she KNEW how a majority of us felt out in the front, wouldn’t it have been the smart, and decent thing to do to come out and explain WHY she was taking over?

I’m not trying to kick you guys out of it, I’m just going to be in control of it so I can make sure things are done the way they need to be done.

End of story. No misconceptions. I guess it’s hard to think like an adult when you’re too busy trying to act immature.

They wanted Lauren basically to not express her opinion and Hollobaugh told her at one point to take a chill pill and that the politics thing wasn’t supposed to be personal. Lauren retorted with its not political, it’s personal attacks.

So I put in my two cents and said basically what Hollobaugh said days ago. Keep it out of the classroom. No gossiping about it out here or in the front. Agree to disagree. No whispering back and forth about he said, she said… grow up, and take a business relationship with those you cannot seem to extend any sort of decent respect toward.

There is no tolerance. And I can see why they may think Lauren may not have any either. It’s hard to not feel you’re being attacked when you’ve been nothing but barraged with rude behavior. When can you tell the difference unless the person who might be insulting you outright tells you that they’re not attempting to hurt your feelings?

Lauren was a little peeved that Hollobuagh was talking to me about the problem, seeing as she’s the problem, rather than with her. At the end of C lunch, though, I could see them holding a private conversation in the room where the teachers keep their lunches.

Those from the back of the room were coming in an out and of course mouthing comments and making gestures of victory or relief that people were making Lauren cry. Yes, Lauren started to cry. Jeez, she’s a 15-year-old girl dealing with a bunch of 17-19 year olds picking on her. WTF?

I’m not happy. *sigh*

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