Monday, March 22, 2004

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night I went out for seafood with my sister and her friend Leigh out in Ann Arbor. Red Lobster was very crowded. We got there around 7 and didn't leave until 9. When I got home I watched Inuyasha episodes 4-9 with my brother and then popped in the anime my sister got me. Excel Saga. Yeah, it turns out its that anime where that girl dies all the time. It was kind of irritating at first, but when Excel died within two minutes of the episode it got a lot better.

Saturday my friend Jackie came over from Jackson. We went out and got her birthday presents (Edward Scissorhands poster and movie, and Donnie Durko dvd) before going home to babysit Craig Jr.. We played on the X-box on the big screen tv (A no no in our house) Fusion Frenzy and some Halo. Halo was getting a little fierce with the competition so we went to calm down by playing a bazillion rounds of DDR in the back room.

Then we watched Edward Scissorhands and passed out. Church the next day, Pot Luck after, and then Jackie and I left to see a movie. Dawn of the Dead. It was scary actually. They didn't do a bad job. Jackie is NEVER scared at movies, but she jumped quite a bit with me.

After that I played some game with Craig Jr online that was great. We'll probably do it again eventually. I got to be a medic while he shot grenades at people. I put my Inuyasha fanfiction up but I don't think its up to the public yet. Yeeps. 

Oh! And I'm no longer an E-1. I'm an E-2! I was promoted! Yay! Still a private but one more rank will get me PFC! *dances*

Okay, gotta go to school now. Bleh.

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