Saturday, April 10, 2004

Things never are as bad as they seem, So dream, dream, dream

Some kind of war took place. Almost like World War II but not quite. All American's were sort of put in the position the Jews had been only we didn't have people putting us in camps. We were stuck in our own country and couldn't get out. We were defenseless and struggling to survive. 

Behind my house, up a hill and across a fence is a rich sub division. For some reason, that became Canada in my dream. Only they wouldn't let Americans into Canda. They had guards all along it keeping people from sneaking in. Somehow I was involved with a big group of kids with a couple of adults. The last I remember is winter was coming and we rushed to my house at my command. I pulled out all of my winter stuff and kept trying to tell the kids how to dress. Double up on clothes and the like but they were pretty difficult. 

Somehow I got it in my head that we were going to get over to Canada. They had to be weak somewhere so we took off. At one end of the line there were a bunch of newbies that we each managed to take out one person at a time. We distracted them by singing childrens songs and they would sing along with us. We got everyone in and then the dream sort of ended. But it was like a movie without a narrator. I knew that we would smuggle more American's into the Canada.

So I woke up and was like "WTF? Canada?"

Reasons for the dream.

1. The situation- For the 10C class I'm aiding for we are reading Night by Elie Weisel. (For those who don't know what the book is about, it is written by a man who was put in a concentration camp around the time he was in his early teens. It's about how he survived through the Holocaust)

2. Winter- It was really cold in my room last night, I remember sort of waking up in the middle of other dreams and pulling my comforter up. I tend to kick my blankets away. Probably the reason for the winter and being so afraid of it.

3. Canada- I think it may have to do with my cousin and I talking about the "End of the World" animation. Not exactly sure though. Canada is not a contry I think about very often.

4. Being a leader- it was very much like when I go to drills. I was barking out orders and people would treat me almost like you should treat someone of a higher rank. Only it wasn't as formal and people woldn't call me by a rank. They actually never said my name at all during the entire dream.

So that was a little weird. 
Scanner is steal d-e-d. *mourns*

Today I have to wash the car. Gut it out and us the upholstry cleaner to get the rugs and the rest of the car. WEEE. >,<

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