Friday, April 9, 2004

So I caved in while I was out today.

For my cousin's birthday I took him out thisw weekend. We planned on seeing Hellboy at 1:50 but when I got over to his house he wasn't ready to go. Then I had to drop his dweeby, loser friend off at his house. That and I had to stop at the bank. So we check what's out around that time and only two movies both of which I think were too inappropriate for him to see. We stop at Little Chef for lunch and the service took so long, we missed both of those movies too.

So we said, stuff that, and went to Blasters to get our gaming on. I ran into Kelley and her cousins which was a big surprise. I tried to play DDR but I hate those arcade machines, my tennis shoes get caught on the edge of the metal. I'm spoiled by my nice plastic mats.

Then we stopped at Best Buy to look at that Jet Li game that Shauna wanted. We even got to play it, but it was lame. So sad. I happened to be looking through the PS1 stuff, just to look, and I found a FFVIII game hiding behind a bunch of stuff. And it was only $15. I wasn't going to, but I did. I bought it.

So I played it tonight and damn does that game take forever to go anywhere. We just took the Presidents train car and I stopped just before we were to go negotiate with him.

I nearly died when Seifer started applauding Squall and the gang for becoming SeeDs. See! He's not that bad! Insane, but not that bad!

Scanner still dead. 
I can't draw sprites.

*sigh* bored.

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