Monday, May 10, 2004

Friday I believe I went to see Van Hellsing- which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We stopped at Target afterwards and Shauna bought The Sims Superstar expansion pack. I was dropped off at home and nothing really happened.

Sat: Sarah came home from Krogers around 3 with a bunch of stuff to make dinner on Mothers Day. She and I went over to my grandmothers to celebrate her family birthday. Shauna had to work though so it was a little lonely for me. Amber and her boyfriend were there, so that was interesting. We joked around and laughed together- all us kids. Those family parties get smaller every year! Cody and Sherry couldn't be there. It was really bogus cause Sherry could have come, but she got a flat tire and decided to go out to Karl's instead. Nice.
I left Shauna the Sims Unleashed and Vacation expansion packs so she can give me those and the Makin' Magic for my computer. We went home and I played my dad in chess. He's the chess KING. We played to a draw. It was just our Kings left on the board.

Sun: We went to church which was really small in attendance. Everyone was gone for Mothers Day. Afterwards we went home where I completely cleaned out the van, scrubbed, and shined up the inside. My dad had sprayed the floor mats with some cleaner so I had to let em dry. It started to thunder storm later and they got all wet again. Sarah made dinner. Ribs with fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, and a salad. It was great!

If I wasn't feeling so poopy I'd go do eat some ribs now. I'm hungry but I'm not at the same time. I really wish I had gone to school. I don't like not going, even though I wish I were at home when I'm there. Isn't that strange?

Oh well. I'm going to try and finish my Psyh project and do the invitations today. Michelle, did you email me your address stuff? Please do so if not!

Test I stole from a friends blog in link below

1) Using artists or band names, spell out your name.
S alt n' Pepper
T hird Eye Blind
A valon
C oldplay
E vanscence
Y oungstown

2) Have you ever had a song written about you? Stacey's Mom? Sound familiar?

3) What song makes you cry? Butterfly Kisses

4) What song makes you happy? many, many songs

5) What do you like to listen to before bed? My fan. It's soothing.

Height: 5'2
Hair color: brown
Skin color: Peach :D
Eye color: Brown
Piercings: One in each ear

Right Now:
What color pants are you wearing?: My pajama pants. They're navy blue, red, and white plaid.
What song are you listening to?: Clocks by Coldplay
What taste is in your mouth?: Sickness. I have soar throat, so whatever that tastes like.
What's the weather like?: Sunny and humid. It's going to rain before the day is over I think
How are you?: Sick! *sulks*
Get motion sickness?: Once in a looong while
Have a bad habit?: Yes, but I'll never admit it

TV show: ER
Conditioner: Herbel Essence
Book: Anythin in my bookshelf
Non alcoholic drink: Pepsi
Alcoholic drink: Don't drink alcohol

Have You:
Broken the law: Yes
Ran away from home: When I was like 5. I think I got as far as the driveway before I came running back to the house.
Ever gone skinny dipping: Several times
Ever tipped over a porta potty: I've witnessed a tipping, but was not directly involved other than knowing the people who were doing the people. And maybe encouraging it a little. Then discouraging it :)
Used your parents' credit card before: without permisson? Never
Skipped school before: Yes
Fell asleep in the shower: Came close, never have
Been in a school play: In elementary school I was a cat. I've worked backstage on a lot of other school plays though

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No
Sexuality: heterosexual
Children: Not now
Current crush: Just your regular girly crushes on celebrities.
Been in love: No
Had a hard time getting over someone: Naw
Been hurt: By a boy? Nothing too scarring.

Do you have a job: I work once a month for the government! That's a job. I need another one though.
Your cd player has in it right now?: Linkin Park Meteora
If you were a crayon what color would you be?: Green
What/who makes you happy: My family
Who makes you happiest: My sister Shauna
What's the next CD you're gonna get?: No clue

When/What was the last:
Time you cried: Urm... a while ago.
You got a real letter?: Last time Jackie sent me a letter
You got e-mail: Someone emailed me to bitch at me for something. I just deleted it.
Thing you purchased: I rented 'The Last Samuria'
Tv program you watched: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Movie you saw in the theater: Van Hellsing
Thing you want more then anything: To get through basic and AIT already!
Thing you just want: Lots of junk food

Your Thoughts On:
Abortion: Is wrong and should be illegal no matter what the circumstances
Teenage smoking: Wrong and should be more carefully monitored to avoid it happening.
Spice Girls: I'm glad they're practically noexistant
Dreams: Too vague...

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