Wednesday, May 5, 2004

I went over to Allie's after school yesterday. Another afternoon halfday- blah. 
1st hour: Art, interviewed Mr. Ash for Newstaff about retiring, worked on the project.
2nd hour: Family living- finished two worksheets and poster.
3rd hour: Got out of Workshop and went down to the art room where I sat around and discussed the prom party with Fritz.

I wanted everyone to go with Fritz and I to McDonalds but no one had money. Then Allie offered to make her garlic pasta over at her house. So I said I would go and Kelley, Megan, and (eventually) Fritz said they would too.

Fritz hung out with me in the parking lot since my car was blocked in by all the cars trying to get out of the lot. I took a couple pictures and just hung out and chatted about nothing. I got to Allie's house and we went inside where I got a full tour of her house. When Megan and Kelley came back we left for Busch's. I did a little shopping for myself. I spent $4 on two cartons of strawberries and a box of 6 soft pretzels. We got the rest of the ingredients for the pasta and went back- Fritz was waiting for us there.

While the pasta was being made we watched Moon Child with Gackt and Hyde. It made me like Hyde even more. I must say, Hyde is kewter than Gackt, but he's right behind him!

And I totally called the ending.
The car should have blown up.

I rushed home after I got the pasta since I was afraid my mom would be pissed for being gone for so long. She really didn't care, which meant I could have stayed longer... who knows. Oh well, I made my strawberry dip and ate one carton of strawberries. I still taste garlic in my mouth despite all the pains I went through eating tasty foods and using enough listerine to knock out a cart horse. Icky!

I woke up at 12:30 this morning. So I just didn't go to school. I'd get in like the last 10-15 minutes of my Psych class and then my 6th hour would have just been aiding. So I worked a little on my Psych project and wandered around deviantart. I need to get out of the house though, but Shauna's not home. I think she's at work or holed up in her room with her phone unplugged. I'll probably go out and check up on her house just to see, go to staples to get some stationary, and then get something to eat. Maybe I'll grab some of those Dove ice cream bars with almonds in them. Mmmmm... so addictive...

I missed not seeing everyone today! Hopefully I can work on some of my art tonight after I finish an article for tomorrow.

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