Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I've determined that my sniffles are not just allergies. I am also sick. (I have a little cough >,<)

Shauna and I went out to the Novi mall and we found her a couple of pair of jeans. I could not find a skirt that didn't make me look like a skank ho and nor could I fit in the cute sundress. Apparently they don't realize that girls have shoulderblades. So Shauna and I are going to try again tomorrow (Thurs) maybe. I'm going to hook up with her after school and figure out our plan of action. I also mailed the two letters to Michelle. Unfortunately I had to see Connie's face- she works at Kroger and is a big you know what.

I went home and went to bed. I actually wasn't able to fall asleep for about two hours of just lying in bed waiting for the Corocedin to kick in. When I woke up this morning I laid in bed for about a half hour debating whether or not I could get up without wanting to fall over and just die.

I did drag myself to school today!

Once I walked in I was like "After first hour, I'm going home."

1st hour: Finished my 5th hour project- pasting pics to paper. Sat around and talked with Megan and Fritz with a bit o' Allie thrown in there. PS- Your Gackt thingy is hott! If you don't want it, I'll take it *evil grin*

"After second hour, I'm going home." 

2nd hour: Didn't even really go. It was a work day so I went in and told the teacher I'd be in the art room. I worked on my revised book by painting funny insects before Megan came down. I helped her sand down her carosaul tiger.

"After third hour, I'm going home."

3rd hour: Boring. I ended up presenting my Book Talk today rather than tomorrow. Now all I have to do is type it up! I sat around and zoned out. I did NOT feel good that hour.

"After fourth hour, I'm going home."

4th hour: Had to RE-load my newsbrief on the backstreet since it magically got deleted off from it. After having to type it up again.

"Well, I might as well stay to present my project...after fith hour, I'll go home."

5th hour: Presented Psychology project. Successfully managed to not have Mike talk too much. It was okay, I liked our Kovorkian project better but what can you do? Then I sort of zoned out or joked around with Sean in the back.

"Well, crap. Might as well finish it."

6th hour: Nothing. I love aiding. The class is watching the modernized version of Romeo & Juliet. I think I'm the only one who is violently repulsed by watching Leonardo DiCaprio making out with someone on the screen in there. And the black drag queen guy? Yeah. Sick. I left to let Megan know I wasn't going to stay after due to feeling like poo- but she ended up telling me she wasn't going to stay after today either cause she was tired AS poo. So it worked out.

Air conditioning in van is broke so it was hella hot.

So now I need to write my book report and two journals. That's about... 1200 words. Not that bad... You know this entry is 526 words long? Well now its 537... It just keeps going!

Gosh I need some sleep.

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