Sunday, May 16, 2004


I went to Troy at 5. Actually, we got there at four and took our favorite seats, the ones with the railings. We were in a new theater and they only have railings on the outsides so I guess they took out the ones in the middle. Poo.

Troy was actually rather lame. This was not a surprise though since I was told that it would be lame and I was not too disappointed. The movie wasn’t very good. There was lotsa male hips though and seeing as we always squee over male hips, it was a bonus. Brad Pitt cannot play an asshole. He is not a manly man like that. The movie was trying way too hard to philosophical. It was just a bad script. The fight scene between Achilles and Hector has to be the best sword fight scene I’ve every seen in a movie, however.

After the movie, Shauna and I had to rush all the way to the Power Center in Ann Arbor to see our friends in Studio One perform. It was cool, but I’ve watched these people for about 17 years. So it wasn’t that exciting. Plus if I hadn’t of been coughing and tired I could have enjoyed it more.


I was at a dance rehearsal all day. Very boring. Kids were extremely cute though. Shauna and I stopped at Briarwood to look around the shops to see if I could find a nice outfit. We really didn’t have much time at all so I couldn’t try much on. Hot Topic did not have my sexy dress I wanted. It’s still in 12 Oaks if they haven’t gotten rid of it by now. *sigh*

I went with Shauna to her friend’s party. Sort of an exchange, you know, since I always have her hang out with my friends. Ranee was already very trashed by the time we got there. I drank three or so Pepsi’s there and was just amused by the drunken talk and dancing. Her friends are all right, but I was wishing I had a couple of my friends there to help me have a bit of fun. It’s a little awkward dancing with older people who you don’t know very well.

We got home around 12. Looong day.


Woke up around 7 or so at my grandmothers and forced myself to sleep for another two hours. We stopped at the Power Center to say hello to the girls before their next performance. We weren’t really needed so we managed to get home around 2. Nothing really happened. We watched a lame Val Kilmer movie my mother taped Saturday night and had dinner.

I went upstairs and napped for a while before I came downstairs again to eat a couple chocolate chip cookies mom made. It was a bit boring today after running around all weekend.

I think I’m going to go play Sims Superstar. It’s so hard to become a star, jeesh. Too much work!

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