Thursday, May 27, 2004

My sister left me another present she got me while she was in Chicago. The first manga to Hana-Kimi. I had no idea what it was, though I've heard of it before now that I've finished reading it. Oh, I love it so much! Now it has to be added to the list of series I need to start collecting. I'll bring it in tomorrow for because we all love the boy/boy love thatseems to be happening in the book.

One day Ashiya Mizuki (last, first name) saw a high-jumping competition while in Japan, and was drawn to one jumper: Sano Izumi. It was at a time when Mizuki was not getting along well with others at her school, and seeing Izumi jump so gracefully, break his own records and always doing so well, she was inspired to not give up trying.... He inspired her to take the intiative, and was her source of encouragement and strength. With the help of her best friend in America, Julia, Mizuki cuts her hair, dons a tight breast-hiding jean vest, and flies all the way to Japan to join Izumi's school, Ohsaka Gakuen, an all-boys school, so that she can see Izumi's high jump for herself. When she arrives there, she finds out that she is roommates with Izumi, but Izumi had quit high-jumping because of an accident. Mizuki prods Izumi back towards high-jumping. Meanwhile, Izumi finds out that Mizuki is a girl, but does not tell her. He slowly finds himself attracted to her, but the only way he felt that he could show this was to always protect her (resulting in several really cute scenes ^__^) Mizuki, meanwhile, was found out by the school doctor Umeda Hokuto, but he keeps her secret and often becomes (to his annoyance) her confidant. Another dorm mate, Nakatsu Shuichi, finds himself slowly attracted to Mizuki as well, and he himself has very funny scenes consisting of his frustration and confusion with his own sexuality.
- taken from "Secretly Loving You"


As if I don't have enough to juggle with InuYasha, X/1999, Angel Sanctuary, and Sailor Moon *headdesk*

The manga is really very cute. *squees*

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