Saturday, September 25, 2004

Tired but don't want to sleep

Another weekend should mean another pass- but this is not so for me. My pass was taken away this weekend for a reason I can't understand until the drill sergeant who took it from me returns to tell me. My room was not up to "standards" which is not possible. I have never consciously left my room unless it was to the standards. Clearly something isn't being told to me or it would have been fixed before it became a problem.

So I've been stuck around the barracks all day which bleeding sucks. I guess there's a reason, though, since I know I'd be out spending money in ole El Paso. I have to wait once again to send my family a package, though, since I CANNOT miss school to mail it.

Next week is the final week. It's what matters. The last stretch. 
Get it?
Talk about pressure, man.

I have a written test and three hands on tests- PMCS, Basic Control, and a Road Test- it's like fricken drivers ed all over again only multiply the BS by 700000000 and you got it. :p No, really its not that bad, but sometimes, it is. I'm only worried about the written test otherwise I think I'll be fine. They said the only way to fail the road test was to A) Run a red light/stop sign B) Not buckle your seatbelt and C) Hit someone. I'm pretty thorough and careful about those no worries.

Basic control I think I can ace, I just can't run over the cone in the right turn. Oh and the alley way docking I need to pull up further to actually fit it in the box. Hrmmm, ya'll better pray and make sure I pass this. If I have to stay here any longer I may have to do something crazy that I'll regret later on in my life so I can get the hell out of here.

In the end, I spent the day watching Tears of the Sun which I purchased from the PX last week. That is a brilliant movie. Really makes you think- especially as a soldier. Plus it was cool cause we knew all the weapons they used and some of the moves they did. Tee hee. We're all dweebs here in the military.

They popped in Taking Lives and I've seen that like three times and they have Fight Club on the other telly. I think I may go upstairs and take a nap. I'll probably end up watching one of the movies, knowing me.

Did I mention I have 11 days left? 


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