Thursday, October 30, 2003

If I get sick tomorrow I'll be furious

Allie tried to entice me to taking her to her house with whispered promises of Gackt doing naughty things but I did well. I resisted temptation. Go me! I dressed up as a vampire today since I intended on going to my sisters work and join the workers in costume. I wasn’t the extreme typical vampire mind you- I just had on a leathery looking tank top, some black bottoms and a long over coat. It didn’t look quite as cool as it did when I wore my grungy trench coat. Then everyone understood. Though I guess I hit a little too far off in the left field. Mostly I got:
“Ooh, vampire. I see. You look like you’re from Underworld.”

O_o Ah well. Underworld has vampires in it so I didn’t completely fail.

((Edit Note: I am not going to the work since when I got home Shauna took one look at my outfit and told me to take it off and give it to her. She will be wearing it for Halloween. Wench.))

In follow up to [info]tsuki_no_neko’s entry from yesterday we had another pow-wow in the commons after school. Allie wasn’t able to join us since she had to be all tempting like and had to leave early with her ride. Her fault! ;p Erik eventually joined us and we spent the time talking about platonic guy friends and the real thoughts of a woman. Courtesy of Chris Rock drops from Drew & Mike on 101.1WRIF radio. 

In short: platonic guy friends are back-up peeps to nail. And if you ask your girlfriend how many guys she’s slept with you have to go with the 7 plus curve since they don’t include those random guys they run into. Just boyfriends. It was much fun. Amy insisted upon practically humping Erik’s leg at every chance she got. Okay, not literally but mimicking it. 

Katie Evitts and I managed to get something along the lines that Amy likes Erik. Actually, I think we put the idea into her head that she likes Erik and we have warped her into really believing it. I don’t know if I’m amused or annoyed. Erik is my platonic guy friend! I’m very protective of my man bitches. Amy is…well, I won’t go there. I don’t think she’d be bad with him but…eh…I don’t think it’ll happen. It’s kind of funny to see her flirt and throw herself at him. He’s completely oblivious to things like that so she doesn’t realize her efforts are REALLY falling short.

I asked Mike Evitts what he was doing for Halloween and he said he was handing out candy by himself and said I should go visit him. Since I have NOTHING TO DO, I think I will and help him hand out candy. But he mentioned this during Improv class and that’s goofy hour. He stupidly told me that his parents wouldn’t be there and Amy happened to be standing by and listening:
“No parents!? Party at Mike’s house!”

Poor Mike. We do this to him all the time.
We spent the rest of the day spreading the rumor that Mike would be having party tomorrow night and it was a BYOB. Erik promised he would bring a keg and a goat. Mike told him he would call the cops. Erik tried to negotiate and said he'd put the keg on the goat. Mike didn't really say anything to that. Except he cursed a bit about farm animals overrunning his home. Really, this kid owns a horse, why is he so upset over a goat!
I really wonder if people will show up.

I’m debating on what to wear to school. Since we have a full day tomorrow unlike Elementary I’ll have to spend ALL day in whichever one I choose.
Option 1: The Pimp Devil: A devil costume with a pimp hat
Option 2: Gypsy Outfit: Skirt, a peasant top, black lace, fishnet stockings, bells, and jewelry.

Decisions, descions…

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