Friday, November 14, 2003

I saw Brother Bear today, which was a really cute movie. It’s a wonderful kids movie and it wasn’t revoltingly adorable or anything of that sort. We had school off today so I’ve been lounging around all day, which is a great way to spend my day compared to the past few months.

I mentioned to my mother that Josh Groban was performing in the Fox Theater sometime this year and then went on my spiel on what a wonderful singer and what a cutie he was. She really liked his music when I played it for her last spring and I didn’t think about what I might have been implying.

She got me tickets to go and both of his CD’s!

They were almost sold out she said so I guess I’m pretty lucky. It’s not until February either. I haven’t been to a concert since my last Nsync one. This one, though, is more dressy and formal. Fine with me, I get to see Josh *sighs*

I hope tomorrow goes well. My friends and I are going out to eat and then going to the drama club- Act II’s- play Noises Off. I’ve already seen a few rehearsals and its not that bad. I just hope they took Erik’s and my suggestions on how to make it…you know…better. More appealing. That they heeded our critic. That sort of thing.

I’ve seen the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer. It was brilliant. I didn’t like it at first but as I let it sink in, I realized I really liked it. I had that Dled from the internet and then I put on the LotR:RotK which is on my computer so my RealPlayer had both up on one window. I just bounced back and forth. Amusing and sad in a way, yes?

Wow, still tired. Maybe I should take a nap *yawns* even though it is 6 at night. Yeesh.

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