Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Oh I just remembered too…my article I wrote for Newstaff was printed in the Press & Argus yesterday! Yay! I’ll have to scan it.

And for all of my younger friends who wish to know what seniors do during their classes…

We wrote out ourselves an ad lib.

The Curse of the Smelly Transvestite

It was a eerie expensive night. FritzErik, and Chris were juiceing through a dark ugly K-Mart and a chilling squeal shrieked through the air off in the distance. “How many holes?” Fritzasked, but they all were too flailed to answer. Their car had danced and wiggled off a cliff so they couldn’t get away. Suddenly a rotting transvestite dove out from a lesbian. The 3 friends licked in fear and slurped away as fast as possible, but it sucked after them. Then Erik found a freaky Megan and began to squelch the evil beast senseless. Finally it pounceddead and they were safe. “Lets go,” Chris raped and they freaked all the way home.

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