Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I’ve decided Treasure Planet is not a complete failure. I remember seeing advertisements for it last year and thinking that it would probably be one of those really stupid movies…but I was wrong. I love Jim. His character is great and I love the voice actor for him. (The little boy on Roseanne, remember? And that kid on 10 Things I Hate About You) And the Astronomy doctor is Frasier’s brother from the TV show Fraiser. 

Speaking of voice actors, I wanted to see Brother Bear just because it looked cool, but guess what. Joaquin Phoenix is the main bears voice! Joaquin! I’m so excited! I was watching an ad for it and I sat there and couldn’t figure out WHO that voice was so I did the smart thing and looked it up. Now I have to go see it. Blargh. There are too many good movies coming out in the next two months.

And since we’re talking about actors and I forgot to mention it before, yesterday during Improv class our student teacher had a friend come in. He’s a professional actor and he is most well known for being Sonic the Hedgehog’s voice on the video game AND… *drumroll* He was in Bring it On. Remember that theater guy that tried out for “Pippin”? That was him! He looks a lot different now but I thought it was interesting.

Today in school the most interesting thing to happen was Erik gouging himself with that little scraper tool during art. He kept putting his arm in a position to get injured and despite our warnings he managed to hurt himself. 

To quote Kelso from That 70’s Show: “It’s funny when friends get hurt.”

Too much talk of movies. I need to stop. Good night!

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