Sunday, December 28, 2003

Peter Pan (2003) Movie Review

It wasn't that bad! I don't think they put it out in theaters at a good time though. Lord of the Rings probably took away most of its tickets.

Unlike the other Peter Pan movies it focuses more on the romance part. Peter did love Wendy, but whenever I watched the old ones I always thought he was just being an arse and Wendy had no taste. In this one he's a cocky, self-centered boy. Very convincing. When confronted about feelings he freaks out- like any boy (man ;)). It was really sweet. Shauna was a little edgy about it- just because it was little kids and romance. Yeah, its weird, but you know, kiddy crushes were common. And back then, there wasn't much of crushes then dating. It was love and wham bam you're married and popping out kids :p

It reminded me a lot of the Disney Peter Pan. The mermaids were kick ass, even though they had at most 3 minutes of film time. The mermaids are evil.
Wendy: Oh how sweet
Peter looks over at her incredolously. Wendy's smile fades.
Wendy: They're not very sweet...?
Peter: Very sweet enough to drown you if you get close enough.

Then all the mermaids swim up (wonderful make-up) and coo over Peter. One mermaid goes close to Wendy, reaches out her hand and kind of strokes Wendy's hand. Wendy kind of smiles, I think she's still thinking "good mermaids". The mermaid starts pulling her hand into the water and then one of my favorite parts. Pan grabs hold of Wendy's arm and leans forward and hisses or something at the mermaid who freaks out. It's all really fast and it was just like, ""

Very Peter Pan/Wendy Darling romance based. John and Michael were adorable. The actor that played John would have made a much better Harry Potter for the first movie methinks. But he might have been too young back then.

I think it's a good movie. If you don't go to the theaters to watch it rent it when it comes out. I'm so going to buy whenever its out for sale.

Oog. Now I must go to sleep. I have church in the morning! Good night!

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