Saturday, December 27, 2003

Shauna and I are going to see the Peter Pan movie at 9:40. Woo. Counting down the hours.

And I KNOW this is late, but in case you wanted to know:

Things I got for Christmas and RP Names below!

2 Josh Groban CD’s
1 Josh Groban DVD
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
3 Rings from the jewlers
1 Pearl necklace, bracelet, earring set
2 sets of clothes
1 Zukey Lake Tavern sweatshirt (Real cool from where I’m from)
2 sets of undergarments
1 Study Bible
3 Best Buy gift cards
1 Visa like card
1 CD player
1 Cross necklace
1 Pirates of the Caribbean DVD
1 Santa Clause 2 DVD
1 Bruce Almighty DVD

Some of them are shared amongst the siblings :)

1 Slytherin Scarf
1 Snitch Goblet (to go with my Goblet of Fire)
1 Box of brownies
6 Different flavored candy canes
4 Japanese character covered pencils
1 Lifesized Standup of Legolas (squee! I’ll have to get a picture)
2-many pieces of candy to count
2-many cards to keep track of

If there was more and I missed it. I’m sorry. It was over a week ago! I’m having issues at the moment concentrating ;)

So I went through my apps, old boards, old saved RPs, old notes in notebooks and....
Now onto my list o’ characters I said I needed to make myself.

Draco Thomas Malfoy
Dante Demetrius
Sean O’Connar
Christian Ferral
Lucius Malfoy
Riley Caradoc
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Marek Grey
Stefan Salvatore
Damien Salvatore
Killian Evensceance
Haden Ubelein
Jack Sparrow

Taylor Wilde
Pansy Parkinson
Narcissa Malfoy
Lavender Brown
Cleo Blaze
Sloane Pearl Harper
Ginny Weasley
Elizabeth Swann
Anna Cavander
Rei Loki
Kathryn Malfoy
Deena Irling
Maylene Blessing

And I know there’s more. Wah. But that’s just a roughly put together list. O_o

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