Sunday, April 4, 2004


It was a lot of fun, I wish I had been wearing a little warmer clothing though. That skirt was killing me throughout most of the day (but thank goodness for it while I was playing DDR) Did anyone get a flash of my underwear? I hope not!


Went to Lauren K.'s surprise b-day party about a half hour late. I couldn't find the freaking road to turn at. Turns out that I passed it and actually went down it once, before figuring out that I was on the right road. I can't read. I'm getting blinder.

I was glad Lauren was so happy to see me. I didn't get to see her open her present however. It was awesome. It took place in a clubhouse, catering, a DJ and dance floor, neon glow sticks... party! Of course, I think I was the oldest person there (minus the adults). I didn't really dance. I'm not much into dancing to the rap crap unless I'm with people I know/with a date. But I was dragged out a few times by this kid whose twin brother visits newstaff all the time. Once for some crap no-beat song, once for a slow song, and then for some fast song. And that damned kid felt me up. I let him for about half the song and then the second or third time he grabbed my ass I had enough.

I still shudder at the thought. What a way to ruin a chicks night! Just cause I have it doesn't mean it's up for grabs you horny 16 year old (my mind still screams "Cradle-robber!" when I think about it). 

So I left around 9:30 and watched the ending of Runaway Jury. Cusack, mmmmmmmm.

Damn the time change *yawns*


Went to church today, it was alright. Craig M. wasn't there so it seemed a little more calmer. I really wanted him there today though since we took communion. 

Other than that, I got home and played Kingdom Hearts ALL DAY. Its that time change I swear. My internal clock is all screwy or I definately would not have played all day. I wasn't sure which game was mine, so I picked one of them and I just started Halloween Town. 

Riku is so kewt. ;)

That's about it. Watching Law & Order which is awesome!

Going to bed soon, I may work on a bit of a fanfic or perhpas on some of the KH story... I guess I'll pick upstairs...

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