Tuesday, April 6, 2004

8 hours of sleep is good. 12 hours worth is great.

Okay, today wasn’t too bad. My alarm is not set right so I must have turned it off in my sleep again. I know I turned it on, it’s just not waking me up. I have it rigged so its like a half-hour ahead of time, it must be going off around 4:50 since before the time change it was going off at 5 am.

I enjoyed the fact that Fritz shared with us that he wanted to be the manager of the cheerleading team.

I wasn’t in a very happy mood. Compared to how I usually am, I was a bit more snippity than I usual am. I was mad since I couldn’t get out of 2nd hour to hang out with Megan and Tracy(Traci?) in the jewelry room. We had a video to watch and tomorrow we have a speaker coming in who will probably take up the whole hour, too. *sigh* Oh well, I should get what I can from it I guess. Though I’d rather be hanging with my girls.

I’m getting like a B or C in newstaff cause I don’t do enough to actually get published in the paper. But I run around and find newsbriefs and other small odd jobs. There’s just nothing to write about. I can’t just write something. I have to have some sort of fuel for it, a passion if you will. I wouldn’t make a good journalist cause I’m sure I’d be like:

Me: “Uh, er, well I wasn’t liking how the story was going so I-“ Nonexistant Future Editor: “AHHH! DIE!” *throws stapler at my head*

I actually dozed off in fifth hour. I had no reserve energy to keep myself awake. Not evening drawing or writing would keep me awake. So I succumbed to the sleep fairies and leaned my head against the wall. I’m smart; I got a seat in the back so I can rest on the back wall. Back seats rule.

I got home and I kept waking up and falling asleep. I was so tired. Then I woke up at 6:30 and was like “Hey, mom! When’s that meeting we have to go to?”
Mom: “SHIT!”

So we tried to speed all the way back to the school but we got stuck behind a guy in a truck carrying firewood. He was being a rude doo doo head on purpose. We got there 20 minutes late, but Kelley was there so I got to sit with her. I miss not having Kelley around all the time.

So we reorganized our room arrangements. It’s not Kelley, Jessica Roberts, Nicole somethingorother, and me. Not too bad, I feel bad for Jessica since she wasn’t there to have a say in it. I guess that’s not our problem, I wonder why she couldn’t make it.

We wanted my mom to room with us but there was JUST enough girls to make all the rooms have 4 per room. I cursed the luck. *sigh* I can’t wait though. New York! Kelley is going to ride up with my mom and me to the airport. So she’s going to stay the night next week Tuesday and then we got to drag our butts out of bed around 4 and book out of there. Never been on an airplane before either. Wee! New experiences.

China town! Anime! I will NOT eat dog meat!

Okay so I’m going to go type a bit before going to bed. I’ll catch everyone at school. And crap, I still haven’t finished that painting of Kamui. I sux.

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