Monday, May 17, 2004

Possible Themes:

In the Ghetto- okay, really, it’s just fun to say and is a joke, but hey, bling bling?
Devils vs. Angels/Good & Evil- not sure on this one. Seems too Halloweeny. I can throw a costume party in 2005 :D
Dress as your favorite J-Rocker- yeah, a bit of a joke. But how hot would Gackt the sex robot be?

I myself am leaning toward nothing cause I’m too lazy to organize it. I was thinking maybe we could all dress springy nice. Like a cute sundress or a skirt or something, but making sure everyone brought a pair of comfy clothes for later.

I thought only 3 or so people would be staying overnight but so far only 3 seem to not be sure if they will be able to. So 6 people over! Including Michelle since I’m just assuming she is. *wishful thinking*

I didn’t realize my final project for 2nd hour was due on Friday. I thought I had another week! So as soon as my mom leaves to take Craig Jr. to Sylvan I’m so starting on that.

I’m failing Psychology all of the sudden because I didn’t turn in two Personal Learning Journals. Apparently ones I can’t make up. I didn’t do too hot on the test either. Which is ridiculously stupid seeing as I’ve been doing all the work and quizzes fine- two journals are 10% of my grade?! WTF? I’m pissed, so that class can bite my ass now.

I need to start cleaning and tidying up the house for the guests Saturday. There’s just no time! 

Fritz and I were planning on going to Briarwood Friday if Shauna worked, but now he might not be able to due to a Chemistry thing in the Middle school. How much more stupid can our classes get? Why would Middle school students give a crap about Chemistry at this time of year? So much for skipping with Fritz! Might have to wind up going there on my own.

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