Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'm well into the 3rd week of my training here which means only about 3 weeks left. The worst part of training had to have been the first week which is where I sat in a classroom and had to take notes- awake. I have earned the nickname "Narcolepsy" from Basic and it has made its way over here, too. 

Driving the trucks is easy and I'm getting better at learning a bit of the book stuff. All we really do is practice driving and taking care of the trucks. It's dealing with the people back at the barracks that is draining. But I think doing this here will mean dorm rooms at college will be a breeze- believe me- nothing can top the drama here.

Otherwise it's rather boring. Entertainment consists of watching movies and making fun of each other. Wee ;) Gotta bounce!

- S

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